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  Courtyard Home with A Central Plunge Pool
  No. of Rooms: 4 + 1 Rooms   To Fit Lot Size: 52' X 100'   Built-up Area: 5200 sq ft
About This Design
  • A courtyard home with a central plunge pool
  • A C-shaped home with all major spaces arranged around the courtyard
  • Major living spaces like Living Room, Dining Room and Guest Room on the ground floor afford dual views towards the water courtyard and the garden in the opposite direction
  • Upper floors major rooms are similarly arranged
  • All bedrooms are bathrooms attached
  • Designed with maximum ventilation, light and drama
  • All bedrooms are designed to allow cross ventilation between 2 opposite walls
  • An extremely popular design
Bungalow Code
Style Tropical Home Designs
Type Lifestyle Home Designs
Size Small Home Designs
Built-up Area 5200 sq ft
To Fit Lot Size
52' X 100'

A9 dwg RM399.00

A9 dwg Building Plans RM1499.00

A9 dwg Plumbing Plans RM1499.00

A9 dwg Sanitary Plans RM1499.00

A9 pdf RM99.90

A9 pdf Building Plans RM299.00

A9 pdf Plumbing Plans RM299.00

A9 pdf Sanitary Plans RM299.00

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